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Bon Voyage Guatemala offers the opportunity to practice your favorite activities at the heart of sites 
most spectacular natural Guatemala with the motto Quality and Safety. 

The program includes: volcano climbing, trekking, mountain bikes, rafting, Caving, Scuba 
Navy ... The Big Adventure together!

Ascension of Volcanoes

Volcanic Earth, Guatemala is offered with no fewer than 38 active volcanoes 3. 

- Volcan Pacaya, 2522m: 
The easiest to climb and one of the most impressive volcanoes 
Central America. Tour ½ Day from Antigua.

- Volcan Fuego, 3835m: 
Its eruptions of intense black smoke are visible from 
Antigua. Bring you closer to performing 
the ascent of Volcan Acatenango. Trip 1 or 2 
days from Antigua.

- Santiaguito Volcano, 2510M: 
The most active of all, we offer a simple trek 
to the viewpoint to watch or a mini-expedition 
to go to the nearest from its crater. Excursion 1 / 2 
day or 2 days from Quetzaltenango.

The highest

- Tajumulco Volcano, 4220m: 
The highest peak in Central America. Tour 2 days 
from Quetzaltenango.

- The Acatenango, 3976m: 
One of the best views in Guatemala at the nearest 
Volcan Fuego. Trip 1 or 2 days from Antigua.

- The Agua, 3766m: 
The mythical volcano of Antigua. Trip 1 or 2 days 
from Antigua.

- The Atitlan, 3537m: 
Breathtaking views of the beautiful Lake Atitlan. Tour 
6 hours from Lake Atitlan (San Pedro La Laguna).


Treks / Hikes

The Mirador of Santiaguito, 2510M: 
Excursion 1 / 2 day from Quetzaltenango. A ballad 
taking you over the active volcano Santiaguito.

Trek Xela - Lake Atitlan: 
Tour 3 days from Quetzaltenango. A trek in the heart 
of the Altiplano and its small Mayan communities with 
last day a unique spectacle: an awakening on the hills 
Lake Atitlan.

Trek Todos Santos - Nebaj: 
3 days tour from Huehuetenango. A trek in the heart 
the highlands of Guatemala in Guatemala far away, 
a unique experience. 

El Mirador: 
5-day trip from Flores. Take a jungle 
Maya site to discover the world's most bewitching 
Maya: El Mirador is the largest and most mysterious city 

El Sotz - Tikal: 
Tour 3 days from Flores. A fascinating adventure 
Maya Biosphere in full, to discover the sites of El Sotz 
and Tikal. 

Mountain bike / VTT 

Ride a bike and go off the beaten path to 
discovery campaigns in Guatemala. Tower 1 day 
bicycle or multi-day safari, we offer the 
circuit that best suits your level and your requirements. A 
Experience Intense! 


The River near Cahabon Semuc Champey offers 
possibility of rafting throughout the year. 
During the rainy season (May-October), other rivers 
Level II, III and IV allow you to indulge in 
this activity in high adrenaline. 


The underground network of Guatemala is the largest in 
Central America, the region of Coban is full of caves 
mysterious adventure offering you a simply breathtaking. 


Take a seat for a unique experience by doing a 
Diving in the waters of a volcanic lake, in fact there are nearly 
than 85,000 years, Lake Atitlan was born in the heart of a 
volcano crater. Guatemala is one of the few countries you 
offering this type of diving.