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Guatemala is full of archaeological treasures in the 4 corners of its territory: the Pyramids, Temples, 
Steles, Hieroglyphics ... make a leap in the past by immersing the heart of the old 
Mayan cities.


Located in the jungle, the City of voice is perhaps the most famous Mayan site around the world. At the heart of lush vegetation, you will discover palaces, temples, the Pyramids to the sound of screams of howler monkeys and more than 400 species of birds including Toucans great. Once at the top of Temple IV of the double-headed serpent, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place.


Nicknamed "Green Water" by the Maya, the archaeological site of Yaxha, will amaze you with its extraordinary situation: the heart of the Maya Biosphere and along ponds and Yaxha Sacnab. Do not miss this impressive complex of more than 500 structures, ancient Maya ceremonial center.


Located 23 km from Tikal, the history of the City of Uaxactun is inseparable from that of its next neighbor Tikal. Smaller in size, Uaxactun no shortage of interest, the site with the most ancient temple discovered so far in the Peten and some of the oldest headstones in the Maya world. In his time Uaxactun was distinguished also for its advanced in astronomy, where it also is the oldest astronomical observatory of the classical period.

El Mirador

Discovered in 1926, the Mayan city El Mirador is a real fantasy for all budding Indiana Jones. Isolated in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, the largest Mayan city discovered to date wins. A trek of 5 days (to /) in the jungle is necessary to achieve it and discover a wild far off the beaten track where the high point will no doubt once at the top of La Danta, the most high Pyramid of the Maya World. A site where mysterious cache may be the secret of the birth of the Maya.

Copan (Honduras)

World Heritage Site by Unesco, the ancient Mayan city of Copan had its heyday in the 7th century AD.JC. Located a few miles from the Guatemalan border, Copan enchant lovers of Mayan culture, the site offers visitors some of the finest Maya hieroglyphs World with culminating in a unique staircase, a 21m high structure decorated with hieroglyphs which only a portion could be decrypted. Do not miss visiting the tunnels dug by the archaeologists who will take you to discover the underground world of Copan.


Ancient Maya city now classified World Heritage by Unesco, is a site of Quirigua size 
modest but important to understanding the Mayan World, the archaeological site 
of the highest housing Quirigua stelae of the Maya world, each covered with hieroglyphs 
finely carved.


Chichastenango driven from their enemies by the Quiche Maya (15th century), Mayan 
Cakchiquel decide to build their new capital on a more secure site, Iximché was born. 
This is a short walk from where the Spanish Cakchiquel allies, established the first capital of 
Guatemala, which is now the town of Tecpan. Located midway between Antigua and the lake 
Atitlan, the City of Iximché is a stop worth a visit for the curious stories.

Mixco Viejo

Ancient city and ceremonial center, the ancient capital of the Maya has a Poqomam 
location in the top of a hill overlooking two of the major rivers of 
Guatemala. The City of Iximche was later destroyed by the troops of the Conquistador Pedro Alvarado 
in 1525. 

Many other archaeological sites are accessible in Guatemala include among other the- 
The cities of Ceibal, Aguateca, Dos Pilas, Cancuen, Takalik Abaj ... contact us for more information.