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Bird Watching


The great diversity of ecosystems make Guatemala a favorite destination for birding enthusiasts. More than 720 species have been listed on the territory of which over 500 on the Pacific coast only. 

The best sites for bird watching (Birdwatching)

Finca Filadelfia, Cerro Alux, 

Lake Atitlan: 
AltiplanoLos Tarrales, Los Andes, Laguna Lodge, Corazon del Bosque, Sierra de 

Biotopo del Quetzal, Laguna Lachuá Hun Nal Ye ... 

Tikal, Yaxha, El Remate, Las Guacamayas, Laguna Petexbatun .. 

Atlantic Coast: 

Other Regions: 
Motagua Valley, Rio Dulce ...



For centuries the Quetzal, Guatemala's national symbol, AISI beauty fires the imagination, and plumage colors, but must still find it. So go with us through a tour of 1 to 3 days to find him in da heart of the verdant region 

The list of birds of Guatemala is long, you can observe other-between: 
Parrots, eagles, hawks, egrets, Ariane, Sandpiper, Sparrow, Cacique, Hummingbirds, 
Nighthawks, Hawks, hermits, blue-footed boobies, Jays Green, Black Tern, Guit 
Guit Emerald Owl, Kingfisher, Motmot, Organists, Warblers, Rails, Tanagers, 
Troglodytes, Tyrants, Vultures, vireos ... .. 

Fancy a trip if half day leave to meet Quetzal, or to perform 
a real Bird Safari, contact us, we will be happy to organize the 
trip best suited to your requirements.