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Volcanic Earth, Guatemala is offered with no fewer than 37 active volcanoes, 3 of them are still active.

The most actives

- Pacaya Volcano, 2522m, The easiest to climb and one of the most impressive volcanoes of Central America. Tour ½ Day from Antigua. 

- Fuego Volcano, 3835m Its eruptions of intense black smoke are visible from Antigua. Bring you closer to performing the ascent of Volcan Acatenango. Trip 1 or 2 days from Antigua 

- Santiaguito Volcano, 2510M The most active of all, we offer a simple trek to the viewpoint to watch. Excursion 1 / 2 day from Quetzaltenango.


The highest

- Tajumulco Volcano, 4220m The highest peak in Central America. 2 day trip from Quetzaltenango. 

- Acatenango Volcano, 3976m One of the best views in Guatemala to the nearest Volcano Fuego. Trip 1 or 2 days from Antigua. 

- Agua Volcano, 3766m The mythical volcano of Antigua is certainly the most photographed in Guatemala. Trip 1 or 2 days from Antigua. 

- San Pedro Volcano, 3537m Breathtaking views of the beautiful Lake Atitlan. Tour 6 hours from Lake Atitlan (San Pedro La Laguna).